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ERC (Enhanced Resource Company), established in 1995, is a member of an international holding company with a headquarters in Austria. The main office and warehouse of the company are located in Kyiv, Ukraine, where the company runs its business in the distribution field and represents such product lines as householding goods, computer, industrial and other types of equipment and accessories to them.

From the very first year of its business activity, the company set high working standards, which formed and led to its success, nowadays, it continues to retain its leading positions in the distribution market.

ERC, as part of an international holding, is one of the most successful companies in the country. The company's infrastructure includes a modern office, logistics, service and training centres as well as has a convenient location in Kyiv.

ERC Distribution is a distribution line in various trade areas: computer hardware, software, household appliances, toys and goods for children. The company offers its business partners both office and household appliances.

ERC Holding has successful, growing enterprises in many countries all over the world with offices in Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Sakartvelo, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Switzerland.

The main ERC activity profile is to work with partner companies and organizations. The company's partners are retail chains, individual small or large stores, online stores, wholesale stores, system integrators and many others. For such an experienced company as ERC, the key values of strong business relations are effective cooperation, close relationships with partners, focus on development, support and feedback. Professional consulting, experience-sharing, development and implementation of different training systems. All these aspects reflect ERC's main working strategy.

Reflecting the principles of the holding, ERC Distribution Belarus strives to establish and develop long-term partnerships with both well-known brands and new young companies.

ERC Distribution Belarus is located in Minsk.

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